Vision And Values

West Green Primary School

School Vision


At West Green Primary School, we see education as an investment for the future. Our children are the most natural resource we have and we believe education should be built on the abilities and talents presented by each individual and unique child, respecting the values and traditions of our diverse community. We pride ourselves on providing a stimulating and safe environment where children are enthusiastic about coming to school and go home at the end of the day happy and fulfilled.


We achieve this through:

  • Working effectively as a staff team
  • Sharing clear values
  • Providing high quality provision
  • Working together with others– pupils, parents, governors, outside agencies
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Keeping safe and healthy
  • Striving to improve what we do


Our Values

The West Green Primary Behaviour Values are:

  • positive attitudes to learning
  • consideration and empathy for the wellbeing of others
  • respect for all members of the community regardless of race, religion, culture, age, gender, disability or sexuality
  • self-discipline and a sense of responsibility
  • honesty and courtesy
  • a pride in the school community and the environment
  • positive responses to the instructions of adults