In the ever changing world of technology, our computing curriculum aims to support pupils in gaining the knowledge and skills they need to access a range of technology. We also understand that we are preparing our pupils for technologies that are not yet widely used, or have been invented yet, so need to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to be able to adapt and respond to these. 
Through a range of topics, not just in computing but in other areas of the curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to understand how coding and programming work and how these are used in a wide range of technologies and products.
A vital part of of our computing curriculum, is the importance of staying safe whilst using the internet, as well as when using apps and games. Through structured sessions and discussions with our pupils, we aim to ensure we are equipping our pupils with the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe, in an age appropriate way. Through these sessions, we also discuss the importance of how to be responsible and considerate when messaging and using various apps and games, as well as the importance of taking breaks from technology, and how we can't always believe everything we see or read, whilst engaging with technology.