Through our Geography curriculum, we aim to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, as well as a sense of responsibility in how we can look after our local environment, and the wider world. Being eco-friendly and thinking about how we can be sustainable of the world’s resources, plays a huge part in our school ethos and the everyday life of our school.  We feel it is important to provide our pupils with the knowledge to make positive choices about their own and collective impact on local and global environments.


Through the topics our pupils encounter, they develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to support them to explore the physical and human aspects of Geography. It supports them to understand the uniqueness of their local places, the wider landscape of the United Kingdom and the wider world. It also allows them to understand how food production shapes our environment and the impact of different industries and earning a living.


Our Eco Council Representatives play an active role in keeping our school sustainable and eco-friendly. They meet regularly to learn about how we can make better choices for our environment and feed this back to their classes. They also discuss ways in which they can enhance and look after our school environment.