Open sessions for September 2024 new entrants (Reception Class) 9th October 2023 9.30-11.30am, 7th November 2023 1.30-2.30pm - no need to book just turn up anytime between the times shown, tours of the school will take approx 15 mins

Religious Education (RE)

At West Green we are very proud to be a multi-faith school, where pupils are respectful and thoughtful about their own, and each other’s beliefs. Religious Education offers a unique opportunity to understand the lives of others by exploring different faiths. Through our diverse community, our pupils are able to gain a deep understanding of different faiths, where over-arching questions about life are explored, and the answers provided by a range of faiths.


Our RE curriculum carefully builds on pupil’s knowledge year on year, to give them a deeper insight into the festivals, beliefs and teachings of different religions. Through pupil’s time with us, we aim to visit a range of places of worship from the world’s largest religions in order to learn, and further promote religious acceptance and understanding.