A high quality History education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. At West Green we inspire pupil’s curiosity to know more about the past through topics which cover a range of time periods.


Across the primary curriculum there are three key historical skills that the pupils practice:


 -  Understand and use chronological order, both in writing and visually

Children learn to be able to order events from the past in the correct time order. At West Green, children have plenty of opportunities to practice and demonstrate their skills by creating timelines in class about different periods of history. They also gain an understanding of where their current topic sits in a wider chronology.


-   Be able to draw information from a wide variety of sources

Gathering information from a range of different artefacts, accounts and images allows for children to develop their understanding of events from history. Children at West Green have many opportunities to examine and analyse different sources to improve their historical enquiry skills.


-   Explain events in historical context – say why and when things happened.

Being able to explain what happened and why is a key historical skill that the children at West Green develop over the course of the history curriculum. Using information that they have gathered in class, along with their own knowledge, children write about events from the past and give their own opinion about them.